May 31, 2012

Doors Open Toronto Roundhouse Open Doors

toronto roundhouse doors open
The old railway roundhouse has been well preserved, even with a Leon's furniture store inside where steam locomotives once lived. This image of the roundhouse doors was shot during Doors Open Toronto 2012. Canon 5D II 24-105
More Doors Open on flickr
Toronto Harbour Commission Building LandlockedToronto RoundHouse Doors Open Toronto 2012Doors Open Toronto Harbour Commission Building

Video beats PowerPoint in Las Vegas

Many trade show exhibitors rely on PowerPoint to display product photos. But what could be more boring than death by PowerPoint? VFI's booth at infocomm in Las Vegas will include an attention grabbing video presentation of new products. Based on product photos, stock footage backgrounds, video animation, and green screen techniques, this 3 minute loop will play on one of the HD TV monitors in the booth. Green screen keying is used extensively to show video playing on the video monitors supported by VFI's own furniture. Take that PowerPoint.

May 9, 2012

Video Furniture Tradeshow Video off to Las Vegas

VFI Video Furniture International manufactures high tech furniture for video conferencing, presentation and meeting room applications. They are taking an 80 inch LCD TV mounted on one of their video stands to Las Vegas for the infocomm trade show, and will be playing this video on it. It is amazing how much better HD looks on a huge screen.

The video will be encoded as an mp4 and played off a USB memory key. Much less effort to produce, and much less costly than bringing down, or worse, renting, an HD blu-ray player on site.

The video includes elements shot with a Sony NX5U and a Canon 5D II.

May 6, 2012

Arnaud Maggs, Photographer, at Susan Hobbs Gallery

I had the opportunity to Interview photographer Arnaud Maggs, finalist for the 2012 Scotiabank Photography Award at the Susan Hobbs Gallery in Toronto. Maggs spoke from his "After Nadar" exhibition featuring images based on the 19th century French photographer's work .

Maggs dressed in his signature all black, was shot against the white gallery walls, resulting in an image that was not unlike some of Maggs' own portrait work. This shoot was lit with 2 LED panels.

Another Maggs interview is here on YouTube