Feb 23, 2012

Toronto Auto Show Mercedes SLS AMG Photo

2012 Toronto Auto Show Mercedes HDR
The Toronto Auto Show is a great place to see exciting cars in an easy to photograph environment. Unfortunately the clutter of the show, with competing manufacturers and photographers makes for a pretty dull image. This image breaks that mould with several versions of a Mercedes SLS AMG roadster convertible composited to create an HDR image, which was then itself composited onto an image of the Toronto skyline taken from a waterfront parking lot. The HDR image was created using layers and layer masks rather than the heavy handed HDR automation of Photoshop. The HDR images were shot with available light ( lots of it but all from above ), at speeds of 1/3 second at f16 and iso ranging from 100 to 250 using a 24-105 mm lens. The bright sunny exterior shot matches the lighting in the show pretty well. The star burst refection of one of the stage lights on the windshield adds sparkle.