Apr 18, 2011

Inglis, A Sign of Toronto De-industrialization

Inglis, A Sign of Toronto De-industrializationToronto's railway lands west of downtown were once the heart of a major manufacturing centre. One of the companies there was Inglis, makers of machinery and household appliances, and during World War I, Bren machine guns. Employing thousands in the 1950's, high labour costs lead to those jobs moving to Mexico and China. All that remains of Inglis is a stump of a factory building that is the base of a sign. Meaningless philosophical nonsense slogans beckon Gardiner Expressway motorists as cheap ( by Toronto standards ) condos encroach on areas that once provided jobs and a way of life. Factories provided work for 50 years, construction jobs to build the new towers will be gone in a year, leaving work only for a lone building superintendent. And the Fridges and stoves in those apartments probably all say "Made in China" on them. And the condo dwellers will complain that the sign is an eye-sore and finally have that razed as well.