Apr 18, 2011

Corrosive Tank Cars at the Edge of Town

Toronto eastern railway yard tank car downtown1760 is the code for corrosive liquid. The eastern end of downtown Toronto, on both sides of the Don River, was once full of factories, and railway tracks to supply them. Box cars and tank cars. Big chemical users included the Unilever Sunlight Soap plant. But that plant has been closed for several years after a long, fruitless labour strike. Now the only thing left is the Ashbridges Bay Sewage treatment plant. And the tracks themselves are being torn up. What is the point? No industry, no need for trains and the tracks they run on. No tracks, and industry will never come back. Make way for more condos.

Shot, just before noon on a sunny day, with a Canon 5DII, HDR and image merging in Photoshop. Lots of Photoshop.