Mar 16, 2011

De-industrialization in Hamilton

abandonned factory de-industrialization in HamiltonIn search of material for a documentary on de-industrialization, I spent an afternoon in Hamilton photographing the remains of de-industrialization, including the Rheem plant on Barton and the Otis Elevator plant on Victoria.

And this unidentified building carcass on Hess North. Further research suggests it was a company called Imtrex, closed in 1986. Now planned, according to "the internet", by the City of Hamilton for residential development. Or maybe not.
Walking the hill by Otis Elevator brought back memories of selling Dickie Dee ice cream to the guys in the plant 40 years ago. They lowered money in a bucket from the second floor windows, I sent ice cream bars back up. Just a s summer job for me. But, according to that plant had real jobs for 900 Steelworkers in the 1950's and just 230 when it closed in 1987.

Shot with a Canon 5DII. And then a touch of Photoshop HDR.