Feb 26, 2011

Spoke at Podcamp Toronto about blogspot

21 iMacs at RyersonI have set up websites with many technologies, from hard coded HTML, WordPress, Drupal, asp.net, even an IBM AS/400, but blogspot is a hands down choice for a fast, easy, effective web presence. Free without advertising in fact.

I spoke about blogspot at Podcamp Toronto 2011 to share what I have learned with others.

Now, I am a PC / Windows guy. Ever since those AS/400 days. But walking into a room with 21 iMacs sitting dourly on desks, silently ignoring you by facing the back wall and refusing to turn around, THAT is freaky. I had to raise my BlackBerry Torch over my head to ward off the evil spirits.

Feb 25, 2011

Marilyn Monroe comes to life at McMichael

Marilyn Monroe look-a-like interview setI taped interviews with guests and staff at the Marilyn Monroe exhibition at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection. These interviews will appear on the Gallery FaceBook page to celebrate the opening of the exhibition.

Linda Morita took this great photo of one of the interviews. The interview area included a collection of photo flash stands to create a photo studio photo shoot environment.

Feb 14, 2011

WordPress Website for Sonya VanVeen

www.sonyavanveen.com WordPressWhen Sonya, a Registered Equine Massage Therapist, wanted to be able to upload photos of some of the horses she works with, it became to much programming to add upload capability to the custom static website I had created for her five years ago. Instead, I converted the original website to a WordPress site hosted at goDaddy. The original static pages became WordPress pages at www.sonyavanveen.com. She will use blog posts to create a photo blog.

My original reservations about running WordPress on a goDaddy Windows hosting platform were totally overcome, both with the ease of installing WordPress, and with activating its features.

Feb 4, 2011

Ships Frozen In The Ice in Winter inToronto Harbor

Algoma Ship Frozen In The Ice in Winter in Toronto Harbor
I needed a few seconds of Great Lakes ships in winter for Dave MacAdam's "Echoes in the Wind" and "Great Lakes Ships" music videos. After a pretty cold January, and a recent dumping of half a foot of snow, it seemed that there would be a lot of desolate looking ships tied up in the Toronto Harbour.
Upper Lakes Ship Frozen In The Ice in Winter inToronto Harbour

These two shorts, and similar video clips almost make you shiver just looking at them. And wondering just how cold the water in the frozen over harbor is.

Shot with a Canon 5D, 70-200mm lens just after the sun went below the horizon.

Feb 2, 2011

George McLean Speaks about his Wildlife and Landscape Paintings

I interviewed George McLean for the McMichael website on the opening of his retrospective exhibition there. He spoke about he walked the countryside in Grey County on the shores of the Georgian Bay looking for unique landscapes and the animals that live there. He described how he painted, starting with sketched studies, how he placed his animals in the landscape and how he transferred the detailed studies to finished paintings 5 feet wide and more. And he added an anecdote about how he and fellow artist Ken Danby watched a hawk attack a snowy owl. He introduced a new book of his art titled "George McLean: The Living Landscape" whose authors include renowned art writer Tom Smart.

The video was shot in HD on a Sony NX5U in gallery space that was not yet hung. Music by Dave MacAdam.