Dec 7, 2010

Green Screen Ultra for Boat Show Trade Show Booth Video

I have been creating the National Yacht Club of Toronto's trade show booth video for the Toronto International Boat Show every year for the last few years. This year is all HD, made up of footage shot with a Canon 5D Mark II, a Canon Vixia and a Sony V1U. Each camera has slightly different picture characteristics, with the 5D2 having the nicest colour and surprisingly good image stabilization. Many of these shots were taken on the water from a race committee boat with varying degrees of choppiness and stabilization is a must. The tiny Vixia is so light that keeping the camera still on a heaving deck is a real challenge.

The booth video features no voiceover except for an introduction. Karen was shot on a Lastolite pop-up green screen with the V1U in HDV mode several years ago. The original use of her footage was captured in DV mode from the V1U, keyed in Premiere Pro CS2's Ultra which Adobe had just bought and included in CS2. Results were useable but the DV jagged edges were noticeable in the keying of her blonde hair. The same footage recaptured from the V1U HDV tape in HDV mode produced an original image without jaggies, and the Ultra keyer included in Premiere Pro CS5 made keying a one click, 2 slider operation. And even the fine details of her hair were keyed beautifully.

The video will be played from a Western Digital HD Media Player.

The YouTube link will change as new versions are uploaded for approval, so check for the latest link here.