Oct 21, 2010

Toronto City Hall at Night

Toronto City Hall at NightI have never taken a photo of Toronto's clam shell city hall. Walking through downtown after an event shoot I walked by the building, close to midnight. With the lights still on in several offices, and illumination of the outside walls, it made the iconic building stand out in the blackness of the night. Barely visible under the alien ship like council chambers is the Henry Moore statue made famous in Murray McLauchlan's song "Down by the Henry Moore". This photo was taken from the elevated walkway close to Queen Street. The famous skating rink / reflecting pool was closed for repairs, but a recent rainfall left enough water to create a nice reflection of the building anyway.

Shot with a Canon 5D Mark II, with a 24-105 F4 L lens at f4, shutter 30 ISO 3200. On a tripod. The shutter and ISO were still set from previously shooting video with the 5D at that exposure. The video will end up as stock video of in projects planned to publicise Toronto for the 2015 Pan AM Games.