Oct 24, 2010

Dave MacAdam: Echoes Music Video - First Cut

Dave MacAdam sings about things nautical. "Echoes In The Wind" tells the story of ships that have disappeared from our view, but their echoes live on. This is the first draft edit of a new music video for that song.

This was shot with a Canon 5D Mk II in Goderich: on the beach, on the salt pier, in the Legion; in the Welland Canal; and in the harbour in Toronto.

The video is currently a work in process. More footage will be added and the live singing needs to be synched to the recorded version. Music copyright David MacAdam (socan)

On YouTube www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfeONxHMgkk.

More about Dave MacAdam at www.macadamroad.com

Oct 21, 2010

Toronto City Hall at Night

Toronto City Hall at NightI have never taken a photo of Toronto's clam shell city hall. Walking through downtown after an event shoot I walked by the building, close to midnight. With the lights still on in several offices, and illumination of the outside walls, it made the iconic building stand out in the blackness of the night. Barely visible under the alien ship like council chambers is the Henry Moore statue made famous in Murray McLauchlan's song "Down by the Henry Moore". This photo was taken from the elevated walkway close to Queen Street. The famous skating rink / reflecting pool was closed for repairs, but a recent rainfall left enough water to create a nice reflection of the building anyway.

Shot with a Canon 5D Mark II, with a 24-105 F4 L lens at f4, shutter 30 ISO 3200. On a tripod. The shutter and ISO were still set from previously shooting video with the 5D at that exposure. The video will end up as stock video of in projects planned to publicise Toronto for the 2015 Pan AM Games.

Oct 19, 2010

Audio Video Metals Website Reskin

Technology manufacturer AVM wanted a fresher look to their website while keeping existing product information in tact. The new website has the metallic theme that their catalogue uses and creates the look of a news site with teaser articles about major product lines leading to detailed product specifications. The home page layout makes an immediate statement about the bread of AVM's product line. The home page also leads to YouTube video about products.

The site uses a php based menu system that is easily updated as the 50 product pages are changed to reflect product line changes.

The website is at www.audiovideometals.com.

Drupal Website for Victoria Village Hockey

Victoria Village Hockey wanted a new web site that would allow selected organizers to update the site themselves. I chose Drupal as an open source content management system because it had many of the features required : photo gallery, contact forms, community updateability. No php code has been modified, but some of the content has utilized extensive HTML and JavaScript within the available content areas to achieve desired functionality. The fckeditor and IMCE file manager makes it easy to include photos and PDF files in articles, including game statistics created in an offline Excel application. On the horizon is integration with FaceBook and twitter.

The website is at www.victoriavillage.org.

Oct 12, 2010

Bobak - More Canadian Nudes at McMichael

Bruno Bobak, East Coast artist paints the human figure in a way that is hard to look away from. And we are not talking airbrushed Playboy fluff. These are real life images of real life people and real life topics such as aging, realtionships and the cycle of life.

In this interview, McMichael Assistant Curator, Collections, Sharona Adamowicz-Clements talks about the artist and the story behind some of the paintings.

Shot on an NX5U with gallery stills from a Canon 5D.

Canadian (Erotic Eh?) Sculpture at McMichael

The press announcement by the McMichael of a series of sculptures by Ivan Eyer had the usual excitement of such gatherings. But the sculptures themselves are another matter. Even taken through the glass cases that the sculptures were in, the stills included in this video presentation show a raw sensuality that I have rarely seen in the works at that Gallery. Bare bosoms. Splayed legs. Supine female bodies. But you need top watch all the way through. How are they going to explain these works to the grade 7 boys?

Show with a Sony NX5U with stills of the sculptures from a Canon 5D. The shot of the mock-up of on of the sculptures on the grounds was shot on a Canon 5D from a moving car.

Ross King, Book and Art Gallery Installation

Ross King, UK writer and curator, curated the Defiant Spirits exhibition at the McMichael. Here he talks about the book and the exhibition. Shot in the gallery with a Sony NX5U, lit by 2 Lowell Pro lights with umbrellas. Music by David MacAdam.

9 minutes long, but Ross presents such a compelling European look at the Group of Seven it was hard to cut anything he said.

In Store Fashion Show - 50 mm of Softness

In store Fashion ShowAnd I am not just talking about the softness of the fashions. I shot these at an in-store fashion show at Titika with a Canon 5D and the Canon 50 mm f1.4. The reason for that lens's existence is to shoot in available light wide open, but then it is way too soft. Sure, it becomes sharp at f2.0 but then what is the point? Maybe it has got to go to avoid the temptation of using it wide open and being disappointed with the results.

Trade Show Promo Video Source Mashup

This promo for a promo for the Society of Manufacturing Engineer's WMTS trade show was created from Digital Juice HD stock footage, and my own footage shot with a range of cameras, including, the airplane takeoff and farm fields aerial sequences on a Canon HF200, the trade show people shot on a Sony V1U, and the grinder and robot sequences shot on a Canon 5D MkII. All intercut nicely in Premiere Pro with a few animated stills, also shot on the 5D. Music from Smart Sound.

Oct 7, 2010

Motorcycle Supershow Leather Fashion Show

I took the then new Canon 5D MkII to the Toronto Supershow motorcycle show earlier this year to see how it performed in low light. These shots were taken of the Terez Leather fashion show using a 24-105 mm f4 lens. With a flash, which of course proved nothing about low light.

Other shots, of bikes, are at flickr

Oct 6, 2010

New Canon 2x Extender II Improves Telephoto Reach

Canon 2x Extender II on 70-200I added a Canon 2x Extender II to my Canon 70 - 200 2.8 lens and it makes a huge difference in bringing subjects up close, making it a 140 - 400 mm lens. While it turns it into an f5,6 lens, that is not a factor in outdoors daytime photography. And a heck of a lot less costly than a full time 400 mm lens. The football player was shot at 1/400 f7.1 ISO 1250 from about 200 feet away. He is an 1800 x 2500 crop from a Canon 5D MkII full frame 5616 x 3744 pixel image. Maybe a bit softer than that lens alone but pretty good. Less useful indoors, but the Fall Home Show photos were shot at 1/100 at f5 ISO 2500 so the extended lens would have been quite useable at f5.6. And in trade show and event photography, sometimes the best action shots are taken from further away. And on the factory photography project it will let me get right into that action as well while keeping stuff from falling on the hard hat.

Have to try that combination with video, but only on the big heavy Sachtler tripod to keep vibration down.

Oct 5, 2010

Trade Show Photography @ Fall Home Show Toronto

The Fall Home Show at the Better Living Centre at Toronto's CNE Exhibition Place was jam packed with people looking for new home furnishing and renovating ideas, and bargains.
These shots capture the essence of exhibitors promoting their products and services, and visitors looking at what is new in the marketplace. The images may be destined for promotional material.

Shot with a Canon 5D, 70-200, no flash. Thanks to Tina from Marketplace Events.