Sep 28, 2010

Factory Photography with Canon 5D and 2 Speedlites

A client wanted to document the condition of an empty factory building. I spent a day, with Joe, my assistant, walking though 2 levels of a city block size building and on its roof with a Canon 5D MkII and 2 Canon flashes. A Canon 580exII Speedlite was mounted on the camera, and Joe took a Canon 550ex Speedlite mounted on a Manfroto monopod. The second light was set up as a slave, and was held about 20 feet away from the camera to light up the vast expanse of the building. Both set at manual. Together they provided good coverage, but sometimes a third light would have been helpful in really large rooms.

Getting focus in a dark room with drab walls was sometimes a trick. We had brought a small flashlight, and shining that on the far wall provided a well enough lit target for the camera to focus on. We used a 24-70 4.0 L lens inside and a 70-200 2.8 L lens on the roof. We shot about 800 images in an 8 hour period. There is an interesting waterfall and river bank adjacent to the property, and for that we also shot several video clips with the 5D with both lenses.

Bermuda Stock Video Shoot

Bermuda is beautiful at the end of the summer before hurricane season. I took the Canon 5D Mark II and a small Canon HF200 HD camcorder with me to shoot an assortment of beach and marine stock video for summery projects when there was ice and snow in the Great White North. The color and clarity of the 5D exceeds that of the HF200, but the tiny HF200 is less conspicuous on a beach. In a foreign country. This is a sampler of the video from that trip.

Also on vimeo

All clips are 6 to 20 seconds long. See for licensing contact info.

Sep 15, 2010

Toronto Aerial Photography

Toronto Skyline AerialI went flying out of the Toronto City Centre Airport ( AKA Billy Bishop Airport) to take photos of the Toronto waterfront. It was a nice, sunny, bright but windy day, but what size people did they make Cessna 172 Skyhawk SP 4 seaters for? Tiny, cramped banged head on wing many many many times.

This shot was taken with a Canon 5D Mark II with a 70-200 lens at 1/1000 f10 ISO 500.

More at flickr

Sep 4, 2010

Piano Talking to Itself @ Guelph Jazz Festival Nuit Blanche

Gordon Monahan is a renowned sound artist whose installation for the Guelph Jazz Festival is in the former WC Wood refrigerator factory. The solitary piano is the large open, empty industrial space creates a stark mental image contrast to what the area would have looked like when still a factory.

I recorded this as part of a project to document the factory interior.

This clip was taken during the setup of the installation. Live performance video will b e added after the event on September 11.