Aug 12, 2010

Toronto Beaches Jazz Festival The Night Time Show

The annual Toronto Beaches Jazz Festival runs into the late night along a mile of Queen Street East. In the Beach of course. This year's weather was as hot as the music. These shots were taken with a Canon 5DMkII DSLR under just the available light of the street lights. In other years acts had brought a variety of their own lights. Usually Par 64's on a stand, borrowing power from whatever storefront was behind them. This year, probably because of the heat and to be environmentally sensitive, most acts went au natural. Still at ISO 6400 with a 24-105 f4 lens, these videos captured the night time feel. A bit of color correcting in Premiere Pro brought the darkest acts to life. The intro and extro driving sequences where shot at another time from the 5D mounted on the dash of the truck. The main backing track is a Digital Juice jazz track, with actual street sounds blended in. Also on Vimeo. Vimeo HD looks better full screen than YouTube.