Jul 14, 2010

Multilingual Video Tutorial Series for Social Services Agency

beachdigital multi lingual tutorial taping sessionSupport and Trustee Advisory Services is an agency that assists parents of children with an intellectual disability plan for their child's future. A part of their services is a workbook and seminars to assist parents with planning. This series of video tutorials makes the seminar material available to those who would like to review the material at their own pace. The tutorials are made up of 10 approximately 3 minute segments, in 9 languages, including English, French, Polish, Punjabi and others. Each language's presentation is based on the workbook in that language. The final production will comprise about 5 hours of video. It will be available from the STAS website and on DVD.

One segment is available on YouTube here.
Shot in HD with Sony V1U and Sony NX5U cameras to get two camera angles at once, with B-roll shot with a Canon 5D and a Canon Vixia. Other B-roll is stock footage from Digital Juice, Artbeats and FootageFirm. Edited in Adobe Premiere CS5 on a Dell quad core i7 PC which natively handles the 5D, NX5 and Vixia AVCHD footage amazingly well. Assisted by Stephen Weir shown running the teleprompter in the background.