Jun 8, 2010

Petition website for Victoria Village Hockey

Victoria Village Hockey League wanted to get support for a move to roll back a grab for house league ice time by another league. We created a petition site that collects names, and unlike public petition sites, provides customized background information about the issue. The website is at http://www.victoriavillagehockey.net/
A facebook group with a more public opportunity to show support is at
Programmed in asp using a mySQL database at goDaddy

Jun 4, 2010

Book Video for Ocean Racer Brian Hancock

I finished a book promo for Brian Hancock, South African born, American ocean racer. His latest book is a memoir ( his words ) describing the intrigue in running an around the world ocean race. He is self publishing this, and marketing it on the internet. He talks about the people in and close to the sailing community, dropping names like: Ted Kennedy, Simon Lebon, Princess Dianna, Jimmy Buffet. The best line in the Book " I always figured that making money needed to be fun. I knew that fortunes could be easily lost and it would be a damn shame if the lost money had been earned the hard way."

The video was shot in HD during a visit by Mr. Hancock to The National Yacht Club in Toronto. B-roll footage was supplied by Mr. Hancock of events and sailing ventures he has participated in. Interesting challenges in integration SD, 25p, Mac based footage into an Adobe Premiere HD workflow. Then export to 720p h264 for YouTube. The SD B-roll works at 720p.

The video will become apart of the book's marketing campaign.