May 29, 2010

Inside Toronto Portlands Power

Doors Open Toronto provides an opportunity to see and photograph things normally hidden from view. The inside and even the outside of the Portlands gas fired power plant is a facinating maze of beams and pipes. BIG pipes. BIG beams. Guages and dials. Valves and taps. And yellow sodium vapor light everywhere. 500 megawatts worth.

Canon 5D MkII 24-105 More at flickr

May 17, 2010

New website for

Foam 5 Fabricators has a new website designed by us. Big bold product images replace the former thumbnail size pictures. Welcoming pastel colors replace former more industrial looking dark green and burgundy. A form allows the customer to design their placemats and tray liners on line. And careful attention to HTML coding and text will lead to search engine optimization (SEO).

The website is at