Mar 28, 2010

Tradeshow Video for National Yacht Club

The National Yacht Club's Toronto Boat Show booth featured a video with highlights of on the water and shore side activities. Designed to catch the eye of visitors walking by the booth, the video features fast paced sail racing clips shot in HD throughout the previous summer, over-laid by green screen keyed comments from Club members. Edited in Adobe Premiere and keyed in After Effects. Because the video was shot in HD but final delivery was in widescreen SD, there was plenty of room to hand stabilize several of the shots that were taken from the deck of a race committee boat in rough water. The video includes a few clips shot in low light on a Canon 5D. The video was displayed in the booth on an LCD monitor and later projected on a 20 ft screen at events.

Trade Show Video Presentation for Video Furniture International

Created from high resolution photos of VFI's products - video conferencing and multimedia presentation furniture, this slightly short of 3 minuet video features the furniture on a background of Digital Juice animations and Digital Juice music. The images of television monitors have keyed over them live video from DJ and from BeachDigital archives. These SD clips nevertheless fit nicely into the HD production because they take up only a small percentage of the screen. The theatre images used as backgrounds over the DJ animations are from Stock.xchng, the free stock photo site subsidiary of iStockphoto.

The production was created and animated in Adobe Premiere using 12 layers of stills and video. VO is by Rory O'Shea.

The video will be shown in .h264 HD, played from a Sony Vaio notebook through one of VFI's products, the RDY2GO Presentation Centre, shown at 2:07 in the video

Mar 27, 2010

Victor Oh and Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion

Mississuaga Mayor Hazel McCallionVictor Oh Rosa Oh Mayor McCallion

Community Living Mississauga is a favourite client and I shot photos of their fund raiser Tribute to Victor Oh at the Mississauga Convention Centre. The event honoured a Chinese Canadian who has contributed much to the Mississauga community, with sumptuous decorations of red and gold. The Mayor, at 89 years of age, looked gorgeous in her red, Chinese style tunic and her chain of office. Shot with a Canon 5D, 70-200 lens, flash, at 1/160, f3.2 ISO 1000.

Mar 25, 2010

Ten Part Tutorial Video Series

The Support and Trustee Advisory Services organization wanted video tutorials to explain how to do planning for the future for a person with a disability. The videos support a hard copy planning workbook developed by the organization. Shot with 2 cameras to provide a variety of view points without the need to have the speaker repeat herself, this project was shot in HD, and converted to standard definition Flash video for the organization's website and planned DVD and computer DVD ROM release. Additional versions will be posted on YouTube. Stock video from Digital Juice and Canon 5D video provide B roll. Lighting in the daylight filled room was provided by 2 SLS flourescent panels and one Litepanel LED light as a hair light.

The website is The website uses Javascript to play the series of videos in an open source Flash player in a layout that is similar to YouTube.

Mar 14, 2010

CIRA Promo contest entry for McMichael

This clip, which is rush entry to a Canadian Internet Registry contest, mixes footage shot on a 5D with stock HD video ( from Artbeats, Digital Juice and Footage Firm ) with video shot on a 5D with a 24-105 lens. The 5D footage segments are the garage sequence, the daytime expressway, the night-time expressway and the trees overlaying the boy at 0:26. Niagara Falls and the McMichael driveway at the end are old DV footage shot on the original XL1 10 years ago.

The CIRA prize includes a Macbook pro. What the heck am I going to do an Apple computer?