Feb 15, 2010

Toronto Auto Show 2010

Shelby Concept at Toronto Auto Show 2010Went to the Auto Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Center for Valentines. The show is much smaller this year without the Skydome ( apologies to Rogers ) remote site. No Saturn exhibit. No Saab. Last year the Saturn guys PROMISED that the brand had a future. Fool, I believed him. LOL. The lone Fiat next to the Dodge Challenger in the Chrysler booth showed just how ugly those things are. The exhibits this year are a lot lower tech than last year as well. Especially GM. Probably not unexpected for a company that was pretty well bankrupt a few months ago. In 2006 GM had a huge electronic display showing the Olympics hockey. With the CBC logo on it. This year just cars. Ford's display looked a lot like the Olympics opening show though. More on flickr