Feb 19, 2010

Garnet Rogers at Hughes Room in Toronto

Garnet Rogers at Hughes RoomGarnet Rogers at Hughes Room

Saw Garnet Rogers at Hughes Room last night. What a powerful voice and haunting guitar work. That room has such a nice warm sound, and his subtle use of effects filled the space perfectly. He sang mainly his own songs, but also an excellent rendition of Stan Rogers' Make and Break Harbour ( which I think I still have on a 1/4 inch cassette ). And Night Drive. Picked up his Get a Witness Live CD and played that this evening on the 427 with the sunroof open and the radio cranked. At 11 minutes it get you most of the way from the airport into the Beach. Makes you never want to stop. A version from years ago is on Youtube

This photo was shot on a Canon 5D with 2.8 70-200 at 1/60 at ISO 1600. All while he was talking about that great musical accessory, the Sears Craftsman deep socket.