Dec 7, 2010

Green Screen Ultra for Boat Show Trade Show Booth Video

I have been creating the National Yacht Club of Toronto's trade show booth video for the Toronto International Boat Show every year for the last few years. This year is all HD, made up of footage shot with a Canon 5D Mark II, a Canon Vixia and a Sony V1U. Each camera has slightly different picture characteristics, with the 5D2 having the nicest colour and surprisingly good image stabilization. Many of these shots were taken on the water from a race committee boat with varying degrees of choppiness and stabilization is a must. The tiny Vixia is so light that keeping the camera still on a heaving deck is a real challenge.

The booth video features no voiceover except for an introduction. Karen was shot on a Lastolite pop-up green screen with the V1U in HDV mode several years ago. The original use of her footage was captured in DV mode from the V1U, keyed in Premiere Pro CS2's Ultra which Adobe had just bought and included in CS2. Results were useable but the DV jagged edges were noticeable in the keying of her blonde hair. The same footage recaptured from the V1U HDV tape in HDV mode produced an original image without jaggies, and the Ultra keyer included in Premiere Pro CS5 made keying a one click, 2 slider operation. And even the fine details of her hair were keyed beautifully.

The video will be played from a Western Digital HD Media Player.

The YouTube link will change as new versions are uploaded for approval, so check for the latest link here.

Nov 29, 2010

Rescued Race Horse - Another "Small Victory"

Retired race horse riding in horse barn in FlamboroughCoincidently, I wrote about Garnet Rogers' performance in Toronto in another post. One of his songs was "Small Victory", about a horse rescued from racing. This photo is one of a series of a horse and owner / rider that I took in a barn outside Hamilton, not even a mile from Flamborough Downs race track, that was indeed rescued from racing and now leads a much more relaxed life. Affectionately known as "Stinky" he has thrived under the care of Sonya Van Veen, Registered Equine Massage Therapist

This photo was shot with a Canon 5D Mk II with a 70-200 lens at f5, 1/100 and 5000 ISO under evening light coming through the barn widows. And a bit of retouching in Photoshop.

Nov 28, 2010

Garnet Rogers in Toronto at Acoustic Harvest

Went to see Garnet Rogers perform again for an intimate audience in the hall at St. Nicholas Anglican Church in Toronto, organized by Acoustic Harvest. The show included Night Drive, a song about him and brother Stan Rogers on the road in Western Canada. We were treated to a couple of readings from what he called his work in progress, a book about their travels and performances. Funny too. You could almost visualize Port Dover when he read about their Friday 13th encounters with a group of bikers on the beach. Certainly a book worth waiting for for Rogers fans.

This is a pretty low light venue (a couple of LED Par cans would be a great improvement ) and at 200 mm, f2.8 at 1/40 second and ISO 3200, a lot of fine tuning in Adobe Camera Raw was required to create this image.

Nov 19, 2010

Factory Demolition on 5D Video

Building demolition MachineBuilding demolition Machine

Another day of shooting progress of the factory remediation project resulted in an opportunity to turn on video capture on the Cannon 5D Mark II. What was particularly unique was that I had the 70-200 mm f2.8 lens and a 2x extender to create effectivly a 400 mm lens. All shot with a tripod mounted camera.

It was as if the Komatsu 600 JAWS and Komatsu 450 CLAWS and the Bobcat 5185 were choreographed by an unseen director.

Music from Digital Juice Fifties Stax.

Oct 24, 2010

Dave MacAdam: Echoes Music Video - First Cut

Dave MacAdam sings about things nautical. "Echoes In The Wind" tells the story of ships that have disappeared from our view, but their echoes live on. This is the first draft edit of a new music video for that song.

This was shot with a Canon 5D Mk II in Goderich: on the beach, on the salt pier, in the Legion; in the Welland Canal; and in the harbour in Toronto.

The video is currently a work in process. More footage will be added and the live singing needs to be synched to the recorded version. Music copyright David MacAdam (socan)

On YouTube

More about Dave MacAdam at

Oct 21, 2010

Toronto City Hall at Night

Toronto City Hall at NightI have never taken a photo of Toronto's clam shell city hall. Walking through downtown after an event shoot I walked by the building, close to midnight. With the lights still on in several offices, and illumination of the outside walls, it made the iconic building stand out in the blackness of the night. Barely visible under the alien ship like council chambers is the Henry Moore statue made famous in Murray McLauchlan's song "Down by the Henry Moore". This photo was taken from the elevated walkway close to Queen Street. The famous skating rink / reflecting pool was closed for repairs, but a recent rainfall left enough water to create a nice reflection of the building anyway.

Shot with a Canon 5D Mark II, with a 24-105 F4 L lens at f4, shutter 30 ISO 3200. On a tripod. The shutter and ISO were still set from previously shooting video with the 5D at that exposure. The video will end up as stock video of in projects planned to publicise Toronto for the 2015 Pan AM Games.

Oct 19, 2010

Audio Video Metals Website Reskin

Technology manufacturer AVM wanted a fresher look to their website while keeping existing product information in tact. The new website has the metallic theme that their catalogue uses and creates the look of a news site with teaser articles about major product lines leading to detailed product specifications. The home page layout makes an immediate statement about the bread of AVM's product line. The home page also leads to YouTube video about products.

The site uses a php based menu system that is easily updated as the 50 product pages are changed to reflect product line changes.

The website is at

Drupal Website for Victoria Village Hockey

Victoria Village Hockey wanted a new web site that would allow selected organizers to update the site themselves. I chose Drupal as an open source content management system because it had many of the features required : photo gallery, contact forms, community updateability. No php code has been modified, but some of the content has utilized extensive HTML and JavaScript within the available content areas to achieve desired functionality. The fckeditor and IMCE file manager makes it easy to include photos and PDF files in articles, including game statistics created in an offline Excel application. On the horizon is integration with FaceBook and twitter.

The website is at

Oct 12, 2010

Bobak - More Canadian Nudes at McMichael

Bruno Bobak, East Coast artist paints the human figure in a way that is hard to look away from. And we are not talking airbrushed Playboy fluff. These are real life images of real life people and real life topics such as aging, realtionships and the cycle of life.

In this interview, McMichael Assistant Curator, Collections, Sharona Adamowicz-Clements talks about the artist and the story behind some of the paintings.

Shot on an NX5U with gallery stills from a Canon 5D.

Canadian (Erotic Eh?) Sculpture at McMichael

The press announcement by the McMichael of a series of sculptures by Ivan Eyer had the usual excitement of such gatherings. But the sculptures themselves are another matter. Even taken through the glass cases that the sculptures were in, the stills included in this video presentation show a raw sensuality that I have rarely seen in the works at that Gallery. Bare bosoms. Splayed legs. Supine female bodies. But you need top watch all the way through. How are they going to explain these works to the grade 7 boys?

Show with a Sony NX5U with stills of the sculptures from a Canon 5D. The shot of the mock-up of on of the sculptures on the grounds was shot on a Canon 5D from a moving car.

Ross King, Book and Art Gallery Installation

Ross King, UK writer and curator, curated the Defiant Spirits exhibition at the McMichael. Here he talks about the book and the exhibition. Shot in the gallery with a Sony NX5U, lit by 2 Lowell Pro lights with umbrellas. Music by David MacAdam.

9 minutes long, but Ross presents such a compelling European look at the Group of Seven it was hard to cut anything he said.

In Store Fashion Show - 50 mm of Softness

In store Fashion ShowAnd I am not just talking about the softness of the fashions. I shot these at an in-store fashion show at Titika with a Canon 5D and the Canon 50 mm f1.4. The reason for that lens's existence is to shoot in available light wide open, but then it is way too soft. Sure, it becomes sharp at f2.0 but then what is the point? Maybe it has got to go to avoid the temptation of using it wide open and being disappointed with the results.

Trade Show Promo Video Source Mashup

This promo for a promo for the Society of Manufacturing Engineer's WMTS trade show was created from Digital Juice HD stock footage, and my own footage shot with a range of cameras, including, the airplane takeoff and farm fields aerial sequences on a Canon HF200, the trade show people shot on a Sony V1U, and the grinder and robot sequences shot on a Canon 5D MkII. All intercut nicely in Premiere Pro with a few animated stills, also shot on the 5D. Music from Smart Sound.

Oct 7, 2010

Motorcycle Supershow Leather Fashion Show

I took the then new Canon 5D MkII to the Toronto Supershow motorcycle show earlier this year to see how it performed in low light. These shots were taken of the Terez Leather fashion show using a 24-105 mm f4 lens. With a flash, which of course proved nothing about low light.

Other shots, of bikes, are at flickr

Oct 6, 2010

New Canon 2x Extender II Improves Telephoto Reach

Canon 2x Extender II on 70-200I added a Canon 2x Extender II to my Canon 70 - 200 2.8 lens and it makes a huge difference in bringing subjects up close, making it a 140 - 400 mm lens. While it turns it into an f5,6 lens, that is not a factor in outdoors daytime photography. And a heck of a lot less costly than a full time 400 mm lens. The football player was shot at 1/400 f7.1 ISO 1250 from about 200 feet away. He is an 1800 x 2500 crop from a Canon 5D MkII full frame 5616 x 3744 pixel image. Maybe a bit softer than that lens alone but pretty good. Less useful indoors, but the Fall Home Show photos were shot at 1/100 at f5 ISO 2500 so the extended lens would have been quite useable at f5.6. And in trade show and event photography, sometimes the best action shots are taken from further away. And on the factory photography project it will let me get right into that action as well while keeping stuff from falling on the hard hat.

Have to try that combination with video, but only on the big heavy Sachtler tripod to keep vibration down.

Oct 5, 2010

Trade Show Photography @ Fall Home Show Toronto

The Fall Home Show at the Better Living Centre at Toronto's CNE Exhibition Place was jam packed with people looking for new home furnishing and renovating ideas, and bargains.
These shots capture the essence of exhibitors promoting their products and services, and visitors looking at what is new in the marketplace. The images may be destined for promotional material.

Shot with a Canon 5D, 70-200, no flash. Thanks to Tina from Marketplace Events.

Sep 28, 2010

Factory Photography with Canon 5D and 2 Speedlites

A client wanted to document the condition of an empty factory building. I spent a day, with Joe, my assistant, walking though 2 levels of a city block size building and on its roof with a Canon 5D MkII and 2 Canon flashes. A Canon 580exII Speedlite was mounted on the camera, and Joe took a Canon 550ex Speedlite mounted on a Manfroto monopod. The second light was set up as a slave, and was held about 20 feet away from the camera to light up the vast expanse of the building. Both set at manual. Together they provided good coverage, but sometimes a third light would have been helpful in really large rooms.

Getting focus in a dark room with drab walls was sometimes a trick. We had brought a small flashlight, and shining that on the far wall provided a well enough lit target for the camera to focus on. We used a 24-70 4.0 L lens inside and a 70-200 2.8 L lens on the roof. We shot about 800 images in an 8 hour period. There is an interesting waterfall and river bank adjacent to the property, and for that we also shot several video clips with the 5D with both lenses.

Bermuda Stock Video Shoot

Bermuda is beautiful at the end of the summer before hurricane season. I took the Canon 5D Mark II and a small Canon HF200 HD camcorder with me to shoot an assortment of beach and marine stock video for summery projects when there was ice and snow in the Great White North. The color and clarity of the 5D exceeds that of the HF200, but the tiny HF200 is less conspicuous on a beach. In a foreign country. This is a sampler of the video from that trip.

Also on vimeo

All clips are 6 to 20 seconds long. See for licensing contact info.

Sep 15, 2010

Toronto Aerial Photography

Toronto Skyline AerialI went flying out of the Toronto City Centre Airport ( AKA Billy Bishop Airport) to take photos of the Toronto waterfront. It was a nice, sunny, bright but windy day, but what size people did they make Cessna 172 Skyhawk SP 4 seaters for? Tiny, cramped banged head on wing many many many times.

This shot was taken with a Canon 5D Mark II with a 70-200 lens at 1/1000 f10 ISO 500.

More at flickr

Sep 4, 2010

Piano Talking to Itself @ Guelph Jazz Festival Nuit Blanche

Gordon Monahan is a renowned sound artist whose installation for the Guelph Jazz Festival is in the former WC Wood refrigerator factory. The solitary piano is the large open, empty industrial space creates a stark mental image contrast to what the area would have looked like when still a factory.

I recorded this as part of a project to document the factory interior.

This clip was taken during the setup of the installation. Live performance video will b e added after the event on September 11.

Aug 22, 2010

Taste of Greek Food and Music on the Danforth in Toronto

I wandered along Danforth Avenue in Toronto, the heart of Greek Town, during the Taste of Danforth Greek Festival, capturing video of the music, the crowds and the food. The objective was to develop a series of demos for promoting Toronto events for the Pan Am Games in Toronto in 2015. This is the first.

This was shot with a Canon Vixia during daylight, and a Canon 5D Mark II after dark.

The clip is also on Vimeo

Aug 17, 2010

Extended Vision - Photographer Thaddeus Holownia

Canadian Photographer Thaddeus Holownia creates unique images using a 7 by 17 inch Banquet camera. He exhibited at the McMichael in 2001 and I interviewed him in the gallery at that time.

Originally shot in SD with a Canon XL1, this was probably one of my first videos produced for the McMichael. Now I have reedited in 720p HD using a variety of elements to fit the 4x3 images into a widescreen format. Composited in Adobe Premiere with Digital Juice backgrounds and Smart Sound audio.

Aug 12, 2010

Toronto Beaches Jazz Festival The Night Time Show

The annual Toronto Beaches Jazz Festival runs into the late night along a mile of Queen Street East. In the Beach of course. This year's weather was as hot as the music. These shots were taken with a Canon 5DMkII DSLR under just the available light of the street lights. In other years acts had brought a variety of their own lights. Usually Par 64's on a stand, borrowing power from whatever storefront was behind them. This year, probably because of the heat and to be environmentally sensitive, most acts went au natural. Still at ISO 6400 with a 24-105 f4 lens, these videos captured the night time feel. A bit of color correcting in Premiere Pro brought the darkest acts to life. The intro and extro driving sequences where shot at another time from the 5D mounted on the dash of the truck. The main backing track is a Digital Juice jazz track, with actual street sounds blended in. Also on Vimeo. Vimeo HD looks better full screen than YouTube.

Jul 27, 2010

Guggenheim - YouTube Play Entry Internet Time

The Guggenheim has a competition to display videos that stretch the video envelope. My entry, Internet Time, displays three streams of video from different points in time simultaneously. Three disaster - the Hindenburg crash, the Hiroshima atomic bomb, and the Challenger disaster. The same video concept can be applied to many other situations, either in one video stream, in three streams playing at the same time projected on three screens or three monitors.

Jul 14, 2010

Multilingual Video Tutorial Series for Social Services Agency

beachdigital multi lingual tutorial taping sessionSupport and Trustee Advisory Services is an agency that assists parents of children with an intellectual disability plan for their child's future. A part of their services is a workbook and seminars to assist parents with planning. This series of video tutorials makes the seminar material available to those who would like to review the material at their own pace. The tutorials are made up of 10 approximately 3 minute segments, in 9 languages, including English, French, Polish, Punjabi and others. Each language's presentation is based on the workbook in that language. The final production will comprise about 5 hours of video. It will be available from the STAS website and on DVD.

One segment is available on YouTube here.
Shot in HD with Sony V1U and Sony NX5U cameras to get two camera angles at once, with B-roll shot with a Canon 5D and a Canon Vixia. Other B-roll is stock footage from Digital Juice, Artbeats and FootageFirm. Edited in Adobe Premiere CS5 on a Dell quad core i7 PC which natively handles the 5D, NX5 and Vixia AVCHD footage amazingly well. Assisted by Stephen Weir shown running the teleprompter in the background.

Jun 8, 2010

Petition website for Victoria Village Hockey

Victoria Village Hockey League wanted to get support for a move to roll back a grab for house league ice time by another league. We created a petition site that collects names, and unlike public petition sites, provides customized background information about the issue. The website is at
A facebook group with a more public opportunity to show support is at
Programmed in asp using a mySQL database at goDaddy

Jun 4, 2010

Book Video for Ocean Racer Brian Hancock

I finished a book promo for Brian Hancock, South African born, American ocean racer. His latest book is a memoir ( his words ) describing the intrigue in running an around the world ocean race. He is self publishing this, and marketing it on the internet. He talks about the people in and close to the sailing community, dropping names like: Ted Kennedy, Simon Lebon, Princess Dianna, Jimmy Buffet. The best line in the Book " I always figured that making money needed to be fun. I knew that fortunes could be easily lost and it would be a damn shame if the lost money had been earned the hard way."

The video was shot in HD during a visit by Mr. Hancock to The National Yacht Club in Toronto. B-roll footage was supplied by Mr. Hancock of events and sailing ventures he has participated in. Interesting challenges in integration SD, 25p, Mac based footage into an Adobe Premiere HD workflow. Then export to 720p h264 for YouTube. The SD B-roll works at 720p.

The video will become apart of the book's marketing campaign.

May 29, 2010

Inside Toronto Portlands Power

Doors Open Toronto provides an opportunity to see and photograph things normally hidden from view. The inside and even the outside of the Portlands gas fired power plant is a facinating maze of beams and pipes. BIG pipes. BIG beams. Guages and dials. Valves and taps. And yellow sodium vapor light everywhere. 500 megawatts worth.

Canon 5D MkII 24-105 More at flickr

May 17, 2010

New website for

Foam 5 Fabricators has a new website designed by us. Big bold product images replace the former thumbnail size pictures. Welcoming pastel colors replace former more industrial looking dark green and burgundy. A form allows the customer to design their placemats and tray liners on line. And careful attention to HTML coding and text will lead to search engine optimization (SEO).

The website is at

Apr 28, 2010

Product photography for Foam 5

How do you bring out 3D detail in a flat 2D object? These photos for Foam 5 tray liners and doilies do that by showing the product made for hotels and restaurants by attention to lighting. Props consisting of glasses and bottles, and my lunch ham sandwich place the products in their intended setting.

The Avatar inspired drink is really blue Kool Aid.

Shot with a Canon 5D Mark II, 70 - 200 f2.8 lens and 2 Elinchrome D lights.

Apr 19, 2010

10 years of video from Canon XL1 to Canon 5D

An more or less complete list of video productions done from 2000 to 2010

Word on the StreetGale Garnett - Author interview - Savage Adoration
McMichaelGu Xiong - Artist interview
McMichaelSharyn Udall - Curator interview - Carr O'Keefe Kahlo exhibition
McMichaelCurator interview - Emily Carr Totem Forest exhibition
McMichaelThaddeus Holownia - Artist / photographer interview
McMichaelPrivate Eye - 15 Art collector interviews - Projection and DVD
McMichaelAndrew Hunter - Curator interview - Other Landscapes exhibition
McMichaelCurator interview - Homage to Jean Paul Lemieux exhibition
McMichaelWebsite promo - 100 % Canadian
McMichaelTom Forrestall - Artist interview
McMichaelAnna Stanisz - Curator interview - Inuit Art exhibition
McMichaelEd Bartram - Artist interview
McMichaelDon Yeomans - Artist interview - Totem Pole raising
McMichaelDianna Thorneycroft - Artist interview
McMichaelIan Thom - Curator interview - Challenging Traditions exhibition
McMichaelCharlie Pachter and Margaret Atwood - Art gallery installation
McMichaelSharon MaKay - Artist interview
McMichaelChris Finn - Curator interview - Karsh
McMichaelCassandra Getty - Curator interview - Karsh
McMichaelLaura Brandon - Curator interview - Brush With War
McMichaelDaphne Odjig - Artist interview
McMichaelJoe Fafard - Artist interview
McMichaelTom Smart - Curator interview - Tom Forrestall Exhibition
McMichaelTerrence Heath - Curator interview - Group of Seven exhibition
McMichaelShelley Falconer and Shawna White - Author interview - Stones, Bones and Stitches
McMichaelRobert Bateman - Artist interview
McMichaelDavid Staines - Author interview - Letters of Stephen Leacock
McMichaelMary Pratt - Artist interview
McMichaelJeff Thomas - Artist / Photographer interview
McMichaelMyron Zobol - Artist / Photographer interview
McMichaelTakeo Tenabe - Artist interview
McMichaelNews clip - Michael Wilson - Art collection promo
McMichaelTom Smart - Author interview - Miller Brittain
McMichaelChris Finn - Curator interview - Maria Chapdelaine exhibition
McMichaelDocumentary - Robert McMichael Funeral
McMichaelDocumentary - Signe McMichael Funeral
McMichaelLee Petrie - Curator interview - Masks ExhibitionÂ
McMichaelVince Varga - Curator interview - Jackson exhibition
McMichaelArt Therapy promo
McMichaelDave Hannan - Artist interview
McMichaelMegan Bice - Curator interview - Franklin Carmichael exhibition
McMichaelCurator interview - Perspectives Canadian Women Artists exhibition
McMichaelChris Jackson Curator interview - Joe Norris exhibition
McMichaelChris Jackson Curator interview - Traces of Colour exhibition
McMichaelCurator interview - Qu'Appelle: Tales of Two Valleys exhibition
McMichaelShelley Falconer -Curator interview - Call of The Wild exhibition
McMichaelAndrew Hunter - Curator interview - Overland exhibition
McMichaelDocumentary - Norval Morriseau event
McMichaelShawna White - Curator interview - Max Stern
McMichaelCurator interview - EJ Hughes exhibition
McMichaelCurator interview - Identities exhibition
McMichaelCurator Interview - Drawing Conclusions exhibition
National Yacht ClubJoin Us - at Port Credit
National Yacht ClubJoin Us - Victor
National Yacht ClubJoin Us - Don
National Yacht ClubPeter C Newman - Author interview
National Yacht ClubJoin US - Boat show booth video
National Yacht ClubJoin US - Stage projection video
National Yacht ClubJoin US - Boat show booth video
Cameo Fine CabinetsDigital Sign animation
VFITradeshow products animation
VFI / AVMTradeshow products animation
VFIProduct animation - RDY2GO
VFIProduct animation - RDY2GO EDU
VFICompany promo animation
insync/Cable and WirelessTraining video
insync / Scotia Bank4 Economist interview
Insync / VisaShopping in Yorkville promotion
Angela KennedyPolitical campaign video
Art of FashionStage projection
CTG / ReedTrade show products promo
CTG / Tourisme QuebecEvent video
CTG / ColonialAuto dealer opening stage projection
ReedGolf Fashion show
Reed / CTIA / ExpocommConference stage projection
Reed / OPGAConference stage projection
ReedCanadian Machine Tool Show tradeshow promos
ReedJewellery World Expo tradeshow promos
ReedWoodworking Machinery Show tradeshow promos
ReedCanadian Fabricating Stamping Machinery show promos
ReedMontreal Fabricating Show tradeshow promos
ReedExpocomm tradeshow promo
ReedBookExpo tradeshow promo
ReedSouthwestern Ontario Industrial Show tradeshow promos
ReedGolf Merchandising Show tradeshow promos
ReedAtlantic Industrial Exposition tradeshow promos
SV REMTServices offered animation
Twin Tooling4 product videos
Dave MacAdamMusic video - Great Lakes Ships
Charles Taylor PrizeAnna Siljak - Author interview
Charles Taylor PrizeTim Cook - Author interview
Charles Taylor PrizeElizabeth - Author interview - Sugar
Charles Taylor PrizeTim Cook reading documentary
Beyond the beatMusical performance video
Graphics CanadaTrade show promo
Graphics CanadaTrade show promo
Graphics CanadaTrade show promo
Sescapes / Police Chiefs4 interviews on Crime
Kathleen RedmondTraining video
Change Coach / Peggy GrallBusiness promo
Change Coach / Peggy GrallBook launch video
Art Of FashionFashion Show Stage Projection - Graffiti
Art Of FashionFashion Show Stage Projection - Hollywood
Art Of FashionFashion Show Highlights - Hollywood
Change Coach / Peggy GrallSpeaker promo
ASN TV / Indy Bikini contestFashion show / Bikini show at CNE
Reed / Book Expo / TannerMike Tanner Book video
PenteGreen screen test
PrivateReal estate walkthrough
Pacific StarHorse promo
Community Living MississaugaConference stage projection - 50 years
Community Living MississaugaConference stage projection - 25 years tributes
Community Living MississaugaConference animation - sponsors
Community Living MississaugaConference projection - Chair Affair
beachdigitalFilm festival entry - interview With God
CLM / STASPlanning tutorial 10 segments
DMG / Farm ShowTradeshow promotion
Caroline AlleslevPolitical campaign video
Don DuvallPolitical campaign video
Angela KennedyPolitical campaign video
Pamela CourtotPolitical campaign video
Peter C NewmanSpeaker promo
Mobility CupQueens Quay Disabled Sailing Sailors Speak
Mobility CupMartin 16 Sip and Puff Sailing
Mobility CupRegatta promo
Mobility CupDave MacAdam Music Video -

Apr 7, 2010

Rack PODs to the Rescue - NAB Tradeshow Video

AVM, Audio Video Metals, created the Rack POD to facilitate preloading an IEEE communications rack with equipment for easy shipment to a final installation site. Rack PODs made it easy to assemble and test the broadcast equipment for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics in Toronto, home of the major partners in the Media Consortium, and then ship it to International Broadcast Center in Vancouver. This presentation, to be projected at NAB in the AVM booth, was created from photos and video provided by the client, along with stock footage and music from Digital Juice. One of the primary video production design criteria was to not look like PowerPoint. Mission accomplished. Client loved it. Especially the layering of Olympic themed music with a bit of Country for the segment showing a convoy of trucks deliving the equipment across the Trans Canada Highway

Mar 28, 2010

Tradeshow Video for National Yacht Club

The National Yacht Club's Toronto Boat Show booth featured a video with highlights of on the water and shore side activities. Designed to catch the eye of visitors walking by the booth, the video features fast paced sail racing clips shot in HD throughout the previous summer, over-laid by green screen keyed comments from Club members. Edited in Adobe Premiere and keyed in After Effects. Because the video was shot in HD but final delivery was in widescreen SD, there was plenty of room to hand stabilize several of the shots that were taken from the deck of a race committee boat in rough water. The video includes a few clips shot in low light on a Canon 5D. The video was displayed in the booth on an LCD monitor and later projected on a 20 ft screen at events.

Trade Show Video Presentation for Video Furniture International

Created from high resolution photos of VFI's products - video conferencing and multimedia presentation furniture, this slightly short of 3 minuet video features the furniture on a background of Digital Juice animations and Digital Juice music. The images of television monitors have keyed over them live video from DJ and from BeachDigital archives. These SD clips nevertheless fit nicely into the HD production because they take up only a small percentage of the screen. The theatre images used as backgrounds over the DJ animations are from Stock.xchng, the free stock photo site subsidiary of iStockphoto.

The production was created and animated in Adobe Premiere using 12 layers of stills and video. VO is by Rory O'Shea.

The video will be shown in .h264 HD, played from a Sony Vaio notebook through one of VFI's products, the RDY2GO Presentation Centre, shown at 2:07 in the video

Mar 27, 2010

Victor Oh and Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion

Mississuaga Mayor Hazel McCallionVictor Oh Rosa Oh Mayor McCallion

Community Living Mississauga is a favourite client and I shot photos of their fund raiser Tribute to Victor Oh at the Mississauga Convention Centre. The event honoured a Chinese Canadian who has contributed much to the Mississauga community, with sumptuous decorations of red and gold. The Mayor, at 89 years of age, looked gorgeous in her red, Chinese style tunic and her chain of office. Shot with a Canon 5D, 70-200 lens, flash, at 1/160, f3.2 ISO 1000.

Mar 25, 2010

Ten Part Tutorial Video Series

The Support and Trustee Advisory Services organization wanted video tutorials to explain how to do planning for the future for a person with a disability. The videos support a hard copy planning workbook developed by the organization. Shot with 2 cameras to provide a variety of view points without the need to have the speaker repeat herself, this project was shot in HD, and converted to standard definition Flash video for the organization's website and planned DVD and computer DVD ROM release. Additional versions will be posted on YouTube. Stock video from Digital Juice and Canon 5D video provide B roll. Lighting in the daylight filled room was provided by 2 SLS flourescent panels and one Litepanel LED light as a hair light.

The website is The website uses Javascript to play the series of videos in an open source Flash player in a layout that is similar to YouTube.

Mar 14, 2010

CIRA Promo contest entry for McMichael

This clip, which is rush entry to a Canadian Internet Registry contest, mixes footage shot on a 5D with stock HD video ( from Artbeats, Digital Juice and Footage Firm ) with video shot on a 5D with a 24-105 lens. The 5D footage segments are the garage sequence, the daytime expressway, the night-time expressway and the trees overlaying the boy at 0:26. Niagara Falls and the McMichael driveway at the end are old DV footage shot on the original XL1 10 years ago.

The CIRA prize includes a Macbook pro. What the heck am I going to do an Apple computer?

Feb 19, 2010

Garnet Rogers at Hughes Room in Toronto

Garnet Rogers at Hughes RoomGarnet Rogers at Hughes Room

Saw Garnet Rogers at Hughes Room last night. What a powerful voice and haunting guitar work. That room has such a nice warm sound, and his subtle use of effects filled the space perfectly. He sang mainly his own songs, but also an excellent rendition of Stan Rogers' Make and Break Harbour ( which I think I still have on a 1/4 inch cassette ). And Night Drive. Picked up his Get a Witness Live CD and played that this evening on the 427 with the sunroof open and the radio cranked. At 11 minutes it get you most of the way from the airport into the Beach. Makes you never want to stop. A version from years ago is on Youtube

This photo was shot on a Canon 5D with 2.8 70-200 at 1/60 at ISO 1600. All while he was talking about that great musical accessory, the Sears Craftsman deep socket.

Feb 15, 2010

Toronto Auto Show 2010

Shelby Concept at Toronto Auto Show 2010Went to the Auto Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Center for Valentines. The show is much smaller this year without the Skydome ( apologies to Rogers ) remote site. No Saturn exhibit. No Saab. Last year the Saturn guys PROMISED that the brand had a future. Fool, I believed him. LOL. The lone Fiat next to the Dodge Challenger in the Chrysler booth showed just how ugly those things are. The exhibits this year are a lot lower tech than last year as well. Especially GM. Probably not unexpected for a company that was pretty well bankrupt a few months ago. In 2006 GM had a huge electronic display showing the Olympics hockey. With the CBC logo on it. This year just cars. Ford's display looked a lot like the Olympics opening show though. More on flickr

Feb 7, 2010

Tom Forrestall Artist interview at the McMichael

It is always a pleasure and satisfying to have the opportunity to interview a Canadian artist. Tom Forrestall's 2010 exhibition at the McMichael provided the setting for a micro documentary on the Nova Scotian and his work. Shot in HD, this was the first opportunity to put a new Ikan on-camera HD monitor to use. Stills of the art were shot with a Canon 5D. The 5D with a camera mounted Litepanels LED light provided enough illumination to allow natural looking photos to be taken at 1250 ISO without a flash. DSLR stills provide a much greater range of options to pan and zoom over the images than video camera still clips have on other projects.

Stephen Weir arranged the shoot. More information is on his site and at

Tom Smart, CEO of the McMichael had written a book about Tom Smart. My interview with Tom Smart 2 years ago about the book is on Youtube as well.

Jan 20, 2010

Motorcycle Supershow In Toronto

The Supershow fills the whole of the International Centre in Toronto, and 50,000 attendees ( estimated ) fill several parking lots. The attractions include stock, custom and vintage motorcyle displays and a vast variety of parts and accessories and clothing vendors. The hottest displays or course, are the custom bikes graced by some of the most gorgeous ladies seen at a trade show. This model on a Custom Stud bike was shot with a Canon 5D. More at flickr.

Jan 10, 2010

Rapid fire shots of Toronto Boatshow wakeboard aerials

I took the Canon 5D down to the Toronto Boatshow to photograph a wakeboard ( the athletes referred to it as wake skate ) demonstration on the indoor lake in the Ricoh center. The lights were not turned up fully, so this was shot at 160th at f2.8 and ISO 1600 with a 70-200 lens. The 5D shoots 3.9 frames per second, capturing the whole flight of the wake boarder nicely. Probably could have gone at a higher ISO and a faster shutter and still gotten useable images.

Stephen Weir has a write-up of this event at with more photos and information about the athletes.