Dec 26, 2009

Merry Christmas Toronto with a Canon 5D

Shooting with a Canon 5D in the cold of downtown Toronto in the nights before Christmas resulted in more amazing night time video. This was shot with the 24-105 and a 50 mm 1.4 lens, some from a monopod, some from a tripod. ISO 1250 and 1600 shutter 1/30. The street sounds were recorded with the built in microphone. The music is from Digital Juice. Composited in Adobe Premiere with the Blend effect. Premiere had no problem ingesting the QuickTime encapsulated h.264 video although I cheated and dropped the 30 frame per second file into a 29.07 fps XD-CAM project. On YouTube and better quality on Vimeo

Dec 16, 2009

Graphics Canada 2009 HD Tradeshow Promo

We have worked with Graphics Canada again to produce a promo video of exhibitor testimonials. Shot in HD, the video will use YouTube for distribution to a wide audience, and individual clips of each exhibitor will also be distributed by email.

The video is at

We also did show photography featuring people seeing the latest in printing and graphics technology at the show.

Dec 6, 2009

Canon 5D Music Video

Actually more a performance video than a highly edit Music Video, but this clip recorded live at Hughes Room in Toronto shows some of the low light video capabilities of the Canon 5D Mark II. The Room was modestly lit, but not bright or even office light level by any stretch of the imagination. This video was shot about 15 feet from the stage, with the Camera mounted on a tripod. AF off, IS on.

A Canon 24-105 f4 L IS lens was wide enough to cover the stage, and long enough to get reasonable close-ups of individual performers. The lens image stabilization helped smooth out minor tripod vibration. The video was shot at 1/30 shutter, ISO 1000, f4 aperture. No video gain noise is visible in this YouTube version, nor in the full HD original. The 5:00 original file was 1.6 gb, for an average data rate of about 50 mb per second. HDV is only 25 mb per second. And h.264 is a nicer codec than HDV. Nice

Audio was provided by a Sennheiser ME66 shotgun feeding the mic jack. The microphone was mounted to the flash hot shoe with a Rycote suspension mount and a few bits of grip hardware. Rock is pretty loud, even at small room levels, and that was more than the camera AGC could handle. Much of the audio waveform was clipped. Processing through Adobe Premiere Pro restored a some of the peaks. Distorted guitars don't sound much worse with a bit more distortion applied.

The camera makes nice video, but it is not a video camera per se. No zoom rocker, no audio control or meters, no way easily to change iris (aperture) on the fly, no full time auto focus, mono audio only, no remote zoom, nothing that can approach the 20x zoom of my Sony V1U, the list is long. But in the end, the objective is nice HD video, and the 5D and this lens can't be beat for $5500.00

On Youtube now.