May 28, 2009

Artist Charles Pachter and Poet Margaret Atwood Art Gallery video installation

Artist Charlie Pachter's bold illustrations for poet Margaret Atwood's collection of poems "The Journals of Susanna Moodie" are the focus of an exhibition at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection in July 2009. We shot the YouTube and promotional video in the artist's downtown Toronto studio with 2 Sony HD cameras and the fluorescent light system blogged about earlier. To bring the written poetry to life, we keyed the footage of Atwood reading live into images of the book pages. Beautifully typeset words became beautifully spoken words. A longer version of the program will become part of the McMichael exhibition to provide visitors with background on the production of the art.

The project was edited in Adobe Premiere and After Effects. Backgrounds and music from Digital Juice.

May 26, 2009

Book Videos for Canadian Authors and Publishers

We have created a special focus on consulting, producing and managing book and author promo videos to help publisher stake advantage of the OMDC Book Fund Digital Enhancements program. This program would see the Ontario Government pick up 75% of the cost of digital initiatives by publishers.

We can help realize that by creating podcasts, video cats for YouTube and publisher websites, blogs, micro sites and interactive website top support publisher sand authors. Read more at the website.

May 24, 2009

Live switching Leonard Cohen at Copps Coliseum

When I grow up ;-) I want to live switch a concert like this.

We saw the Leonard Cohen show in Hamilton earlier this week. He still has an amazing voice, and his songs and poems resonate as much today as in the 70's. Hamilton, the city, is like a small town in many ways. Even the misaligned imag projector and the echo from the mid house speakers felt good. And Copps is a much cosier venue than the ACC or Skydome. Somehow we beat the Ticketmaster system and sat close enough to feel like we had the ensemble on our back deck. The sound, echo and all, was wonderful.

The switcher operator had wiped Cohen and Sharon Robertson, singing at opposite sides of the stage, together on screen at the same time. Breathtaking. As if they were singing only to each other, not to the audience. Only other time I felt this way about imag was at a Bruce Springsteen show at the Skydome on a warm summer night in 2003. The dome was open and there was a full moon. The moon must have been visible from the camera area in front of the stage. The switcher operator had Bruce and the full moon on the screen at the same time. Absolutely, breathtakingly, beautiful.

May 8, 2009

Web site graphic for VE Group

We created a new website graphics to revitalize a tired corporate brochure website. Centered around a client supplied photo of a new factory and showroom building, logos and text, the new graphic is an eye-catching focal point of the website. Multiple Adobe After Effects generated lens flares hint at the high tech video conferencing, audio and television production furniture that VE Group manufactures. Wide angle photo by Mike Skinner.

The website is at