Apr 22, 2009

YouTube HD for Sharon McKay Writer Interview

We have been shooting HD for years now, but have posted to YouTube in SD because that is all that YouTube handled. The new YouTube HD features provide a better viewing experience, and we posted a recent interview with Sharon McKay about her war related children's book in HD. The original 1080i video (edited in Adobe Premiere) was resized to 1280x720 and encoded in the Adobe Media Encoder into the h.264 codec for upload. The 2:30 minute, 101 mb, encoded file was further encoded by YouTube to end up as a 35 mb file. Looks great within the YouTube web page, and not bad at full screen on a 22 inch monitor. Interestingly, the cached mp4 (not flv by the way) looks absolutely amazing when played through the VLC Media Player. See the HD version here.