Feb 19, 2009

Photographer Karsh and War Art the subject of videos for McMichael

The McMichael http://www.mcmichael.com/ has 3 new exhibits that we created web promos for. Yousuf Karsh, photographer, is featured in 2 of the exhibits, and curators Chris Finn and Cassandra Getty discuss the artist and his work. Canadian military and war art is the subject of the third, and curator Lauran Brandon and two war artists talk about the role art played in war in the last century. All three videos were taped at the gallery The format of these videos departs from the more traditional talking head layout to a multi windowed presentation with backgrounds and music from Digital Juice. The wide screen format takes advantage of YouTube's support for 16x9 video. For the first time, Flash video versions were prepared for the Gallery website as well as Windows Media. All videos are on YouTube -- Karsh Portraits -- Karsh Industrial -- A Brush with War.