Aug 26, 2008

SexyB website images

Beachdigital is working a new website featuring clothing and accessories with the SexyB label The home page splash images is a composite of client supplied photography, some 3D furniture and a lot of Photoshop magic. Zen Cart based ecommerce is coming.

Aug 20, 2008

Book launch video for Tom Smart

Tom Smart, author, art historian, curator at the McMichael, launched his new book on Tom Forrestall, Canadian artist, "Tom Forrestall: Paintings, Drawings, Writing", published by Key Porter Books. This video clip, intended for internet distribution, has Tom Smart discussing the artist, and the book. It includes images of Forrestall's work from the book. The video is available on YouTube. Directed by Stephen Weir. A companion website featuring all of Tom Smart's work is being developed by beachdigital at

Aug 1, 2008

Canadian Sculptor Joe Fafard speaks

Joe Fafard, portrait and figure sculptor, talked about his life long career as an artist at the opening of an exhibition of his work at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection. Fafard is probably most widely appreciated as the creator of the cows on the plaza of the Toronto Dominion Centre in Toronto. This video includes shots of individual sculptures and installations at the Gallery and of the TD Centre. Directed by Stephen Weir of Shot in HDV and encoded for the internet. The Youtube version is available here.