Jun 19, 2008

Flash webmercial and tradeshow clip

Video Furniture International launched a new product at Infocomm-08 and Beachdigital created a Flash video explaining its features. Including a voiceover by Rory O'Shea, the clip was projected onto the tradeshow booth. The tradeshow version was encoded at a higher resolution than the web version to take advantage of the local computer speed, and produce a nicer projected image. With faster internet connections and faster computers for playback, earlier concerns about flash file size and complexity are less critical. This latest clip for VFI includes background motion video. The initial product animation was exported from VFI's SolidWorks CAD system. View the clip here.

Jun 1, 2008

SketchUp and database Mashup for store fixtures

A store fixture manufacturer wanted to be able to visualize proposed store layouts, and then automatically produce a priced bill of materials for alternative layouts. They already used SketchUp to create 3D layouts. I integrated SketchUp with Access databases to store component prices and build up a the priced bill of the components required to make up a floor plan.

The interface to apply prices to components, and produce a variety of reports was created in HTML and VB script, all living within a web browser. SketchUp's internal "macro" language is Ruby, and one of the biggest challenges was making Ruby talk to Access.