Jan 18, 2008

Trade show video at Toronto Boat Show

A 3 minute trade show loop in the National Yacht Cub booth at the Toronto Boat Show helped sell the amenities of the Club to prospective members. Played from DVD on an LCD TV as part of the booth backdrop, it provided an ongoing message highlighting the Clubs key features. The fast pace was designed to get the attention of those who only spent a few seconds walking by the booth.

The video was composed of live SD and HD video, motion backgrounds and graphics. Music is a Beach Boys sound-alike from Digital Juice.

Jan 5, 2008

George Socka Photo Gallery on line

Beachdigital is the creative umbrella for George Socka's digital images - commercial, industrial, tradeshow, event and even sometimes portraits. www.georgesocka.com provides examples of his photography work for prospective clients.

Visit the website.