Nov 17, 2008

Daphne Odjig, Canadian Native Artist Interview

Daphne Odjig is one of Canada's First Nations best known artists. Her exhibition at the McMichael Canadian Art collection covers the span of her entire life, and a wide range of styles as well. In this video clip, taped at the opening of the exhibition, Ms. Odjig and curator Bonnie Devine discuss her work and her life. Background music is based on Digital Juice tracks. The clip is also hosted on the gallery website,

Oct 4, 2008

Caroline Alleslev Political Campaign Video on YouTube

Caroline Alleslev is featured speaking about issues that are important to her in several YouTube clips. Shot in HDV on green screen, they feature various themes to support each topic. Keying was done with Adobe Ultra.

More at AlleslevConservative YouTube channel

See Caroline Alleslev's video on the Sexy Candidates 2008 list

Sep 9, 2008

Tom Smart Author website live

The beachdigtal designed website for Tom Smart, Author, Art Historian, Curator is now live with links to YouTube for Tom's book discussions. A WordPress blog is coming next.

Aug 26, 2008

SexyB website images

Beachdigital is working a new website featuring clothing and accessories with the SexyB label The home page splash images is a composite of client supplied photography, some 3D furniture and a lot of Photoshop magic. Zen Cart based ecommerce is coming.

Aug 20, 2008

Book launch video for Tom Smart

Tom Smart, author, art historian, curator at the McMichael, launched his new book on Tom Forrestall, Canadian artist, "Tom Forrestall: Paintings, Drawings, Writing", published by Key Porter Books. This video clip, intended for internet distribution, has Tom Smart discussing the artist, and the book. It includes images of Forrestall's work from the book. The video is available on YouTube. Directed by Stephen Weir. A companion website featuring all of Tom Smart's work is being developed by beachdigital at

Aug 1, 2008

Canadian Sculptor Joe Fafard speaks

Joe Fafard, portrait and figure sculptor, talked about his life long career as an artist at the opening of an exhibition of his work at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection. Fafard is probably most widely appreciated as the creator of the cows on the plaza of the Toronto Dominion Centre in Toronto. This video includes shots of individual sculptures and installations at the Gallery and of the TD Centre. Directed by Stephen Weir of Shot in HDV and encoded for the internet. The Youtube version is available here.

Jun 19, 2008

Flash webmercial and tradeshow clip

Video Furniture International launched a new product at Infocomm-08 and Beachdigital created a Flash video explaining its features. Including a voiceover by Rory O'Shea, the clip was projected onto the tradeshow booth. The tradeshow version was encoded at a higher resolution than the web version to take advantage of the local computer speed, and produce a nicer projected image. With faster internet connections and faster computers for playback, earlier concerns about flash file size and complexity are less critical. This latest clip for VFI includes background motion video. The initial product animation was exported from VFI's SolidWorks CAD system. View the clip here.

Jun 1, 2008

SketchUp and database Mashup for store fixtures

A store fixture manufacturer wanted to be able to visualize proposed store layouts, and then automatically produce a priced bill of materials for alternative layouts. They already used SketchUp to create 3D layouts. I integrated SketchUp with Access databases to store component prices and build up a the priced bill of the components required to make up a floor plan.

The interface to apply prices to components, and produce a variety of reports was created in HTML and VB script, all living within a web browser. SketchUp's internal "macro" language is Ruby, and one of the biggest challenges was making Ruby talk to Access.

May 1, 2008

Web Intro, web Flash and digital sign

Cameo Fine Cabinetry, manufactures the finest custom cabinets, and their website supports that statement. The website includes an Flash intro embedded into their home page (no skip intro here), and a Flash based image gallery of their installations. The website intro was augmented and converted to a DVD based digital sign for their store entrance and the Flash image galleries became in store video displays. All feature photography by Francis Fougere.

Apr 9, 2008

Web Registration Application

What started out as simple HTML pages has turned into a full fledged, multi event web based event registration system, designed specifically for sailing regattas. The application uses a mySQL database back end, an asp vb code generated user interface and a skinning system to easily change the look of the resulting pages. The application can be run by a registrar ( as it is at the National Yacht Club), or made self serve with the addition of a password management system. Registration data can easily be downloaded to an Excel spreadsheet for off-line management.

Mar 28, 2008

Mobile web application for social services agency

This project involved bringing access to data, and the ability to create and update notes and records from mobile devices such as the BlackBerry and the HTC Windows smart phone. The application was written in classic ASP because the newer technology generated web pages that were too complex for the Blackberry to render. The back end runs on a Windows Internet Information Server (IIS) and a Microsoft SQL Server database. Parts of the application previously used Microsoft Access clients, which obviously would not translate to a mobile environment.

Business Basic accounting system converted to Access

This project saw the conversion of an extensive accounting system written in 1970's era Business Basic to Microsoft Access for a major accounting firm. Data from the Business Basic files was extracted and imported into Access tables. Interesting issues included data concurrency when moved from a single central file system and Basic execution environment to a system distributed to many user workstations. The resulting system is comprised of about 100 forms and 50 tables running on 20 workstations.

In addition to bringing the system into 21st century technology, it has made it easy to create satellite versions that can be downloaded to run on a notebook computer, taken to a client, and then have the related data returned to the server afterwards. Biggest challenge? Adapting Access forms to work in the same manner as the previous character mode user interface.

Feb 24, 2008

Farm show photos

It took 500 photos to cover the Canadian International Farm Equipment Show, one of Canada's largest farm shows, filling all of the International Centre. Thousands of horsepower on display, including a fascinating display of antique tractors. These photos will end up on next year's website, and in newspapers across farm country.

Feb 21, 2008

White rabbit whiteout

It's magic. Flash video allows a video to play over the top of regular web content, appearing to float in space. Or, as Alice might have said, making the rabbit appear and disappear. This test shows the concept. The rabbit was shot on a green screen background, keyed with Adobe Ultra, edited in Adobe Premiere, and authored in Flash CS3.

See the rabbit here

Feb 5, 2008

Farm trade show promo

The Canadian International Farm Equipment Show wanted to reach out to its exhibitors with internet video to promote the show. This 4 minute Flash video includes show graphics, Digital Juice stock video, green screen video, and a fast stock music country beat. The video was hosted on the show website, and distributed via email. Play the video here

Feb 1, 2008

Database driven event schedule

Book Expo Canada, Canada's largest book seller trade show, provides opportunities for authors to meet show visitors for book signings, readings and other events. A new on line scheduler integrates data from a back end database with on line updates by exhibitors. The schedule uses a Microsoft SQL Server database at to store events and an ASP front end and administration control panel. The schedule pages is integrated with the Cold Fusion driven website.

Visit the website here

Jan 18, 2008

Trade show video at Toronto Boat Show

A 3 minute trade show loop in the National Yacht Cub booth at the Toronto Boat Show helped sell the amenities of the Club to prospective members. Played from DVD on an LCD TV as part of the booth backdrop, it provided an ongoing message highlighting the Clubs key features. The fast pace was designed to get the attention of those who only spent a few seconds walking by the booth.

The video was composed of live SD and HD video, motion backgrounds and graphics. Music is a Beach Boys sound-alike from Digital Juice.

Jan 5, 2008

George Socka Photo Gallery on line

Beachdigital is the creative umbrella for George Socka's digital images - commercial, industrial, tradeshow, event and even sometimes portraits. provides examples of his photography work for prospective clients.

Visit the website.