Aug 24, 2007

Video: Mary Pratt Canadian Artist

Just completed a web promo for an exhibition of her work at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection. The exhibition features wood block prints made of her work by Masato Arikushi. Mary Pratt is a wonderful painter now located in Newfoundland. She spoke about some of her life's work, and specifically about the material in the exhibition.

We interviewed her in her hotel in Toronto. We shot about 30 minutes of interview against a plain background on HDV, lit by two Lowel Pro lights with umbrellas. The artist wore a wireless lav microphone. The footage was edited down to an 8 minute clip to fit under the YouTube 10 minute limit. The video includes images of some of her well known work, including material used on two Canadian postage stamps. Intro music is from Sonic Fire's library. Ms Pratt, who lives in Newfoundland, collaborated on the finishing of the video over the internet.

A nice compliment in an email from Ms Pratt's office:
Mary and I were saying that it is very rare that we are sent an interview, be it video, telephone or one-on-one for a periodical that she is totally pleased with the result. But in this case she is and we thank you for that.

Interestingly, the Gallery publicist, Stephen Weir, has referred several newspaper and magazine writers to this online clip for information about Mary Pratt and the exhibition. They have been able to quote the author without having personally interviewed her.

The clip is on YouTube now.