Dec 10, 2007

David Staines, Author, new website

David Staines, Author and Stephen Leacock historian, has a new website featuring a video of his readings from his latest work, The Letters of Stephen Leacock.

Visit the website

Dec 9, 2007

New website for MP Audio Visual

Martin Premont's MP Audio Visual's new website, based on a client chosen template, highlights company services. A home page Flash header integrates the template's look with highlighted keywords and background music reminiscent of the "THX" sound.
Elegant, simple, to the point. Visit the website

Nov 12, 2007

Graphics Canada trade show photos and video

DMG World Media hosts the largest graphics industry tradeshow in Canada, taking up all of the major halls of the International Centre, featuring a range of exhibits from paper and ink suppliers to ink jet printers that can print bus and building wrap. 500 photos over 2 days cover people and products, and 2 hours of videotape are a testimonial to exhibitors' satisfaction with the show.

Oct 30, 2007

Golf industry trade show photos

Reed Exhibitions' annual Golf Merchandising Show brings together golf pros and those who market to them to plan what will be new and hot on golf courses next year. Exhibits range from clothing style to golf simulator tech to golf ball recovery services. 350 photos over 2 days will provide plenty of material for marketing next year's show. A great new f2.8 200 mm stabilized telephoto lens made it easier to get casual shots.

Oct 18, 2007

Machine tool trade show photos and video

500 photos, 3 hours of HDV video, 5 miles of walking in the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto, to capture the essence of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers' (SME) Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show (CMTS). The photos will become promotional material for print and the web. The video will find a home on the internet promoting the show's next incarnation. Keynote audio will become a Podcast. A sample clip will be posted here when available.

Oct 14, 2007

A story about Inuit Art and Story Telling

Two curators from the McMichael Canadian Art Collection collaborated on a book and exhibition that features Inuit art and stories. Videotaped in the Gallery, this video features the authors, Shelly Falconer and Shawna White, reading excerpts from the book and shots of some of the art displayed in the Gallery.

The video clip is posted on YouTube as a promotional vehicle, and also on the gallery website. This blog features a Flash Video version served from

Oct 8, 2007

Greenscreen Politician

Don Duvall is a local election candidate who wanted to use YouTube to get his message out. He was videotaped in his office in front of a green screen, and then composited with background stills and video to support his message.

The green screen was a Lastolite popup with just one additional light. Shot in HDV, down-converted to YouTube friendly 4x3 SD in camera, the footage was keyed using Adobe Ultra CS3 (formerly Serious Magic). That software is indeed, Serious Magic. Keyed in 5 mouse clicks.

Sep 13, 2007

Video: Robert Bateman, Nature Artist

Robert Bateman's exhibition of nature and the environment paintings started its North American tour of galleries at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, and Stephen Weir arranged for me to interview him in the Gallery about his work and the exhibition. A wonderful artist, Mr. Bateman was equally wonderful as an interview guest as well (the CBC had him next). He spoke standing next to one of his larger paintings, lit by two umbrellas. Shot in HDV. I added shots of some of his work to provide interest. The image near the end, of a seal caught in a net, turned out much more powerful than expected. Music is from Sonic Fire's Smart sound library.

The 5 minute video is destined for the McMichael website and YouTube

Always a pleasure working with a true artist.

Sep 6, 2007

Video: David Staines, Writer

Recently completed a web promo video for David Staines' new book, The Letters of Stephen Leacock. The 500 page book features the text of hundred of Leacock's letters.

We interviewed David in his library, with the background of book shelves supporting the premise that this is about a literary work. With few photos to provide additional interest and cutaways, we used scrolling test from two of the letters as they were read by Staines. Footage was acquired in HDV, and edited in Adobe Premiere. Proofs were provided on DVD. Intro music is from Sonic Fire's Smartsound library.

The clip is now on YouTube. David Staine's new website, managed by beachdigital, at features a Flash version.

Aug 24, 2007

Video: Mary Pratt Canadian Artist

Just completed a web promo for an exhibition of her work at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection. The exhibition features wood block prints made of her work by Masato Arikushi. Mary Pratt is a wonderful painter now located in Newfoundland. She spoke about some of her life's work, and specifically about the material in the exhibition.

We interviewed her in her hotel in Toronto. We shot about 30 minutes of interview against a plain background on HDV, lit by two Lowel Pro lights with umbrellas. The artist wore a wireless lav microphone. The footage was edited down to an 8 minute clip to fit under the YouTube 10 minute limit. The video includes images of some of her well known work, including material used on two Canadian postage stamps. Intro music is from Sonic Fire's library. Ms Pratt, who lives in Newfoundland, collaborated on the finishing of the video over the internet.

A nice compliment in an email from Ms Pratt's office:
Mary and I were saying that it is very rare that we are sent an interview, be it video, telephone or one-on-one for a periodical that she is totally pleased with the result. But in this case she is and we thank you for that.

Interestingly, the Gallery publicist, Stephen Weir, has referred several newspaper and magazine writers to this online clip for information about Mary Pratt and the exhibition. They have been able to quote the author without having personally interviewed her.

The clip is on YouTube now.